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Info about what are adhesions

What are adhesions and what are the symptoms caused by adhesions?

Symptoms may include:

  • pain
  • cramps
  • intermittent vomiting
  • difficulty with passing gas or having a bowel movement
  • swelling of the abdomen

Symptoms vary depending on the tissues involved.

So explanations on What are adhesions are very important for you to know also to evaluate the symptoms.

For example, in the gastrointestinal tract, bowel obstructions may occur.

Mechanical small bowel obstruction after previous surgery can be the most severe effect of adhesions.

In the uterus and in the pelvis, adhesions can cause infertility and other reproductive problems. The adhesions can block the ends of the fallopian tubes causing infertility.

Doctors associate signs and symptoms of adhesions with the problems an adhesion causes rather than from an adhesion directly.

As a result from what are adhesions and their symptoms, people experience many complaints based on where an adhesion forms and what it may disrupt.

Typically, adhesions show no symptoms and go undiagnosed. These adhesions cause no problems at that moment , but they can obstruct the intestine in about 2 percent of all patients. These obstructions can occur several years later.